Our COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

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Your safety is our number 1 priority. We have made the decision to implement a vaccination entry requirement for our North Island guided walks. This policy will come into effect when New Zealand moves into the ‘traffic-light system’ or COVID-19 Protection Framework on or shortly after 15th December 2021.

This means that we will be able to operate under a Red, Orange or Green setting without impediment.

We’ve made this decision for the following reasons:

  • An internal risk assessment has determined that this is the safest course of action for all concerned.
  • The nature of what we do requires free and independent travel across regions.
  • We are preparing to welcome back international visitors to our shores.
  • Lock-downs have been extremely tough to negotiate and we are now moving past those as a management strategy.
Our COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

What does this mean for you as our guest? To support us in this endeavour, we will be asking all of our walkers to produce a Vaccination Certificate at the time of booking or as soon as possible thereafter. If you are booked to come on a Walking Legends guided walk between mid-December 2021 and 30th May 2022 you will need:

  • Walkers from New Zealand: Proof you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 OR a formal medical exemption from an approved health provider (In New Zealand, the Ministry of Health is the only entity able to issue medical exemptions). You can request proof from the New Zealand Government’s My Vaccine Pass, which can be presented digitally or as a hardcopy.
  • Walkers from outside New Zealand: From 1 November 2021, the New Zealand government requires everyone aged 17 and older who is not a New Zealand citizen to be vaccinated before travelling to New Zealand. Customers who are not vaccinated will be required to present proof that vaccination was not a viable option for them for medical reasons.
  • Walkers under the age of 12: Children who are 12 years of age or younger do not have to provide proof of their vaccination status. We won’t request this information from you.

Please note: At least 14 days must have passed between the administration of any second vaccine dose or booster dose and our planned departure date.

For more information on vaccine certificates and medical exemptions, please see the New Zealand Ministry of Health website.

For our full terms and conditions, click here.

COVID-19 Health Protection Measures

Mask Wearing In DoC Huts

Under new rules from the Department of Conservation, we advise face coverings to be worn while using DoC back country huts. They don’t need to be worn while we are eating, drinking or sleeping. We aim to adopt a common-sense, practical approach which should please all hut users.

Mask Wearing On The Trail

Wearing a face covering while we’re hiking is not necessary. You are most welcome to if you’d feel more comfortable, but it’s not something we will enforce. We’re able to maintain considerable distance while we’re out in the bush.

Mask Wearing In Our Vehicles

We ask that everyone wears a face covering while we’re travelling to and from where we are staying and the trails.

Protecting Your Privacy

When you disclose your COVID-19 vaccination status to us, your information will not be shared with anyone else. If we are asked for this information by the New Zealand Government or the Ministry of Health, we will notify you to request your permission before we do that. For more information, see our full Privacy Policy here.

Vaccinations for our Team

We have also implemented this policy for our administration and guiding team. All Walking Legends guides are fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

Thank you for your patience and understanding….

This isn’t an easy decision for us, thank you for your understanding and patience as we learn our way through this new world of pandemics and vaccinations.

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