Guided Walks New Zealand: Years of Local knowledge At It’s Best

Posted by on 12 October 2010 | Comments

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New Zealand has a variety of non-guided and guided walks in New Zealand. The type of walk that you choose will normally depend what you want to get out of your walking adventure. Many people choose to do a non-guided walk in New Zealand to get amongst the peaceful nature where you can spend hours walking without hearing a man-made sound. This type of walk is often chosen by people that live a hectic lifestyle and want to get away from it all. Others choose to be instilled with as much local knowledge as possible about the area by a local guide. This knowledge often includes specific information about the local plant an animal life has often been passed down through generations that have lived in the area.

A guided walk in New Zealand can also be a safety net in case anything goes wrong. Guides are trained professionals that have learnt to deal with any situation that may arise, providing piece of mind which is reassuring if a tourist in a foreign country. The best guided walks are when the groups are small, and people feel comfortable engaging in questions with the guide. These small groups are often a great way for travelers meet like-minded people and really feel part of the guided atmosphere. No matter what type of walk you choose whether it be non-guided or guided walk in New Zealand, you will be sure to experience the breath-taking scenery that the country has to offer.