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Tongariro National Park: Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

Posted by Cathy Taylor on 7 September 2013 | Comments

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There’s a brilliant German saying “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” I was reminded of such recently on a weekend away in the Tongariro National Park.

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The Great Coromandel Give-Back!

Posted by Cathy Taylor on 19 August 2013 | Comments

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Whoops! Why can't you see me?!

Walking Legends, Cathy Taylor, and Sarni Hart of Coromandel Adventures welcome the newest addition to the block.

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Ducks, Gnomes & Dinosaurs: Just a Normal Day in the Whirinaki Conservation Park

Posted by Cathy Taylor on 2 November 2012 | Comments

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There aren’t many places in New Zealand I haven’t heard of, so when a friend told me about the Whirinaki Conservation Park, I sat up a little straighter. You’d be forgiven for not knowing it exists either and therein lies its’ allure.

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A Short History of Long Walks in New Zealand

Posted by Rob Franklin on 9 August 2012 | Comments

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Ever wondered why tramping, or bushwalking, is so popular in New Zealand? This is an interesting article that sums up how tramping came to be ingrained in the New Zealand psyche.

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