Top 3 Reasons Why A Guided Walk Is Just Better

A guided walk is just better

The biggest myth of the outdoors is that Kiwi’s don’t want to walk with a guide. But, guides are for those who don’t know what they’re doing, I hear you scoff! If you want to ‘do it properly’ you’ll do it yourself, mate. I hear ya, but let me share a little secret with you….your first guided walk unlocks a whole other level of outdoor experience and afterwards, you’ll never want to freedom-walk again.

Professional guiding is a service, not a limitation. A good guide is quietly confident, they set a good tone and pace for the walk. They allow walkers the freedom to explore without risk, while keeping the group tight and in-touch. Our team of guides aren’t regimented, they love to have fun and we allow plenty of time for creativity.

So next time you’re tossing up between doing it yourself, or spoiling yourself with a fully guided walk, here are the top 3 reasons why a guided walk is just better!

Sharing the Burden of Organising

Great holidays take lots of planning and there’s always one person who bears the burden of organising more than the rest. It’s not fun to waste a lot of time researching when you’re supposed to be on holiday, and even when you do, you still risk not quite getting your moneys’ worth.

Our guided walk itineraries are specially designed to maximise your holiday time in the outdoors. We’ve been running our North Island guided walks for almost 20 years so we’ve got it down to a fine art. We’ve carefully crafted our logistics to get people, gear and supplies into the wilderness with speed, safety and finesse!

Taking a guided walk might cost a little extra compared to doing it yourself, but you’re not just paying for a service, you’re paying for the 20 years-worth of experience that goes into making it such a smooth, enjoyable outing!


When you’re in the remote wilderness, maintaining everyones’ safety and wellbeing is a big task! If you’re unfamiliar with your surroundings it’s easy to underestimate the environment, the trail and the potential lack of mainstream channels of communications. What would you do if someone hurt themselves? Are your First Aid skills up to scratch? Do you know how to contact regional emergency services without a mobile phone if you need to? Having a guide on the trail with you is an added layer of security. All of our guides are First Aid trained, some have Pre-Hospital Emergency Certificates, and everyone carries a First Aid Kit. We know which parts of the track have cellphone signal and for how long. We know where the best helicopter access is and how the weather systems behave throughout the seasons. Tasking your guide with caring for everyone means you can just relax and enjoy yourselves!

Hiking In Full Colour

We know where to look and how to share it. Your hiking guide is like a personal walking guidebook. Their knowledge and bushcraft skills bring a whole layer of depth and colour to your outdoor experience that you would otherwise miss out on! You don’t have to leave the trail still wondering what bird that was, or how that geological formation was created or what exactly to use on that burgeoning toe-blister. We enjoy sharing the local stories we’ve learned along our journey as hiking guides, let us share our passion with you.

Walking Legends has the best guided walks of the North Island. Treat yourself and try one this summer! We guarantee you won’t regret it!

We can recommend these tour operators for more excellent guided walks in other parts of New Zealand.

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