Get Your crew together

Make it fun, make it easy, make it memorable.

more is merrier

Group Sizes

We’ll work with you to sort out how many we can take and who is going to sleep where. These numbers can be more finely tuned once we understand what the rooming configurations might be. We can usually squeeze in a few extras here and there as well.

build your own itinerary

We can tailor itineraries to suit

Every Walking Legends tour is carefully crafted to cater for all hiking styles and preferences. Our local, expert guides can present options that are outside our standard itinerary so that everyone in your group can get what they need from the trip.

extra benefits

Private Vehicle Transfers

When you book a custom group date, we can make things really hassle-free. If everyone is coming down from Auckland, for example, let us know in advance and we can arrange to come and pick you up. 


Scheduled Date Or Custom Date?

Our trip calendar has departure dates that are pre-set. These dates are open for group bookings via our website. If your group would prefer a departure date that is outside of our standard schedule, just request a custom date.

Custom dates are available subject to availability with our accommodation providers. If we can get enough rooms for your group on your chosen date then we’re good to go!

quick & easy

Share the burden of organising

We take those group-herding tasks off your plate. All we’ll need is a list of everyone’s names and contact email addresses and we can take care of the whole booking process for you, from collecting everyone’s information, answering all questions (no matter how small) and managing the payment of deposits and balances.

make memories

Get outdoors, together

We all need love, laughter and connection, so make great memories while you can. We’re here to support you and make sure your next group holiday becomes a thing of “legend”.

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