Do I Need To Bring Cash?

No, cash is not essential on the Bucket List Walk. The Bucket List Walk is a largely all-inclusive package so you won’t need to pay for lots of hidden extras. There are two evening meals on nights 4 and 8 that are self-catered and not included in your package – you’ll be in Rotorua city and free to go wherever your tastebuds take you.

You’re welcome to bring a small amount of cash, if you wish, in case we make a spontaneous coffee or icecream pitstop! It’s also a good idea for those times when debit or credit card facilities either aren’t available, or aren’t working correctly. Please note: cheques are no longer an acceptable form of payment in New Zealand.

EFTPOS is a standard method of payment here in New Zealand, as are credit cards and cash. Apple Pay is available in urban centres only, it’s not common in the small towns and settlements we’ll be visiting. The best place to procure currency is in Rotorua before we depart. There are ATM’s in Coromandel township, but from Day 5 onwards we’ll have no access to ATM’s, banks or currency exchanges, so please ensure this is sorted before we leave Rotorua city.

What About Tipping?

Tipping is not common practice in New Zealand and you won’t suffer any embarrassment if you don’t tip your service people. When you dine out at a restaurant in New Zealand the sum on the bill is the sum you’ll pay, there are no sales taxes or tips to factor in on top of this sum. If you receive exceptional service and would like to gift a gratuity, it will be gratefully received but by no means expected.

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