Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Yes! Travel insurance is essential for all of our guided walks in New Zealand. It is particularly important for the Great Barrier Island Escape walk as, in the case of inclement weather, flights between Auckland Domestic Airport and Claris Airport may be delayed or cancelled, requiring an additional night, or more, spent in either in Auckland City or on Aotea/Great Barrier Island. These kinds of disruptions could come with additional, unforeseen costs for transport, accommodation and meals and these costs are best covered by travel insurance.

We encourage you to review our full Terms & Conditions and our more in-depth blog post on travel insurance for guided hiking tours in New Zealand. We can’t claim to be insurance experts, we just run awesome hiking tours, but we can share with you the expertise our regular travelers have imparted to us in our 20 years of tourism industry experience in New Zealand.

Our friendly team is available and happy to chat further regarding any travel insurance queries you might have, so just give us a call on 0800 925 569 (WALK NZ) or 1800 646 584 (AUS Freephone).

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