How Much Weight Will I Be Carrying?

On the Tongariro Northern Circuit Great Walk, we take care of the hard stuff so you can walk with the least amount of weight possible. We’ve designed this trip with your comfort in mind. Our guides will carry all of the food and cooking equipment for the group for the 3 day trip, so that your North Island Great Walk experience is a truly memorable adventure.

You’ll be carrying the following:

  • Your clothing including a good quality raincoat – you can carry as much or as little clothing as you’re used to having
  • A sleeping bag, liner and pillow (pillows are optional, if you’d rather not have one you don’t have to bring it)
  • Any personal items such as medication or reading material
  • Daily drinking water – we recommend at least 2 litres every day, more if you’re the thirsty type
  • A packed picnic lunch and snacks – we’ll supply you with a packed lunch each morning in a small, cooler bag
  • A lightweight cutlery kit for your own personal use throughout the trip. This has a plate, bowl, mug, fork, spoon and knife


Have a go at packing up your gear a week or two before departure. Check and make sure it all fits easily in your pack. If your pack is too small, we have either 40 litre or 70 litre packs you’re welcome to borrow at no cost, but you must ask for these in advance. Our guides will have them ready for you the night before the trip. If you’ve got bulky, heavy items in your gear see if you can replace them with lighter options. You may have a friend or family member who’d be happy to lend you an item of kit for a few days.

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