The Tongariro Northern Circuit is a fully catered walk, in other words we’ll take care of all your meals, snacks, wine and hot drinks while you’re out on the trails with us. Our guides carry, prepare and serve all of your meals. We’ve carefully planned the menu to make it as nutritious and full of good hiking fuel, whilst remaining conscious of what kind of waste we’re bringing into this precious environment. Whatever we carry in, we carry out, so our meals are refined to reduce weight and wastage wherever possible.

All meals are served in the hut dining areas and if the weather is particularly nice we might share our meal alfresco overlooking the mountains. We offer one complimentary drink with dinner as part of your walk package. We pack in lots of nutritious veggies and salads to keep you nourished while you’re putting in the miles!

Breakfasts are continental, lunches are packed fresh daily and dinner are two-course, Kiwi-style meals with plenty of veggies and salads.

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