Specialty Diets – Can You Cater For Me?

Absolutely, we are happy to accommodate guests with specialty diets. We appreciate as much advanced notice as possible. If we don’t receive adequate advanced notice, we may not be able to fully cater for dietary needs as we sometimes operate in an extremely isolated environment and it is not always possible to access specialty foods. Please ensure you advise us as early as possible if you have dietary requirements. You are very welcome to bring any foods with you that you’d like to have.

For most evening meals we offer a set menu that we tailor further for anyone who has a specialty diet. For vegans and vegetarians we’ll substitute the animal protein serving with an alternative. When we head out to a local restaurant to eat, we’ll have the benefit of a broader menu to choose from. When we dine in at our lodge restaurants we always provide the kitchen with advance notice of any dietary requirements.

If you have a severe food allergy please let us know in advance so we can alert our caterers and hosts and make sure you’re not only well taken care of, but well fed!

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