Weather Conditions and Itinerary Changes

The Egmont National Park is a unique and changeable environment with strong weather systems. There’ll be times when the Pouakai Crossing track will be subject to extreme weather conditions and we’ll need to assess whether it’s safe to access the track on our planned day.

Our guides pay very careful attention to the weather in the days before, and during, every trip and this is one of the many tools we use to determine if we need to make any changes. If the weather is going to be extremely unsafe, we’ll plan to complete the Pouakai Crossing on one of our other days. As we’ll be in the National Park for a number of days, we have the opportunity to be flexible and match our days activities to the most suitable conditions. Only the worst weather would keep us off the track, but completing the Crossing is something we can’t absolutely guarantee.

During our shared evening meal each night, our guides will discuss the plan for the following day with the group and make sure everyone is well-informed and prepared.

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