What’s My Luggage Limit?

For the flight from Auckland Airport to Claris Airport with Barrier Air, you’ll have a carry-on luggage limit of 7kg per person. If we’ve booked your flights for you, we’ll have a Premium ticket and this comes with a 20kg luggage limit for checked-in bags (excess baggage fees apply). Once you land at Claris Airport, we’ll stow your gear in our vehicles and it’ll be waiting for you at the end of the day when we get back to the lodge. We’ll be staying at the same lodge for 3 nights, so you’ll only need to carry your day pack while we’re out on the trails. The rest of your gear can stay safely at the lodge until we head home again.

Most walkers bring a big suitcase or a duffel bag for the majority of their gear, plus a day pack to hold the days essentials while we’re out walking.

Auckland Airport Luggage Storage

If you’d like to leave luggage at Auckland Airport until you return, please see Auckland Airport Baggage Services for more information.

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