When Is The Best Time To Go?

The Tongariro National Park is a unique, remarkable area of the North Island. It’s also quite an extreme, changeable environment. The mountain peaks of the Tongariro Volcanic Massif create some spectacular, and sometimes challenging, weather conditions. We are fair-weather hikers so we offer guided hiking tours during the New Zealand summer hiking season only. Traditionally this runs from 1st November to 30th April, inclusive, every year.

January, February and March are the hottest months in the National Park, this is when the tracks are at their busiest. The weather is most settled throughout these 3 months as well, but protection from our strong Kiwi sun is highly recommended. The Tongariro National Park does experience periods of high rainfall from time to time throughout the summer period. The most peaceful time to visit is early or late in the season, in November, December or April.

We’ve been visiting the this area every fortnight throughout the summer for over 20 years, so we’ve seen it in all weathers and all conditions! We’ve prepared a more in depth guide to the best time to visit the Tongariro National Park over in our blog.

Ready to book an unforgettable adventure in the Tongariro National Park? Head over to the Tongariro Hiking Tour direct booking page and get something exciting locked in your diary to look forward to!

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