Do I Need To Pay In Full Now?

There’s no need to pay in full for the Tongariro Hiking Tour at the time of booking. We ask just a $300 NZD deposit, per person per walk, to secure a spot on the walk. When you make a booking via our website you’ll have the option of choosing to pay the minimum deposit of $300 NZD, or the full amount at the time of booking. You’re most welcome to pay the full amount, but it’s not mandatory.

The remaining balance is due to be settled around 30 days before departure. We’ll send an email reminder about a week beforehand and make sure everything is okay before we proceed.

We’ve provided a handy guide to our booking process in our blog, you’ll find lots of helpful information there. We are particularly good at making group bookings smooth and clean for group organisers, so if you’ve got a big group and the administrative burden is weighing you down, let us give you a hand to simplify it all.

Ready to book an unforgettable adventure in the Tongariro National Park? Head over to the Tongariro Hiking Tour direct booking page and lock it in!

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